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4 Things You Can Do to Avoid Annoying Your Ballroom Dance Partner

Ballroom Dancing is a terrific partner’s activity. However, it is important that you don’t annoy the person you convinced to join you on the dance floor. 

At Arthur Murray, we are passionate about dance and we want to ensure you and your partner both feel that way, too.

This is important because it’s not unusual for one member of the couple to bring the other to our dance center for ballroom dancing lessons. You discuss the benefits of dance and all the types of dance steps you may learn. However, it’s rather common for one person to take the lead when it comes to ballroom dance — on and off the dance floor.

To help,  here are some things to be aware of, and avoid, so that you don’t annoy your partner.

Lead the right way

When you ask or accept to follow someone in a dance, you implicitly agree to let them lead. You don’t have to be a great follower, but you do have to let them lead. Try not to lead them. Don’t steal the lead!

Avoid criticizing

Everyone brings their own flair and personality to the dance floor. Respect each other for their sense of style and do not criticize them. It can be tempting. Really tempting. But it’s really a bad idea!

Dancing can be intimidating, and not everyone is coordinated and picks it up at the same pace. If your partner has the confidence to get out on the dance floor, don’t spoil it! 

You are there for fun, not to be a critic. The quickest way to chase your partner off the dance floor is to make fun of them or criticize them. At Arthur Murray, our dance instructors are experienced and patient. Leave the teaching to us while you focus on your own practice.

Be cautious

When dancing, the last thing you want is your partner stepping on your toes, pushing or pulling or bumping into you. Be mindful of your movements. Respect the lead and go with the flow. It will ensure you stay safe and avoid injury.


Communicate your intentions and when you are making moves so that you are both on the same page, or the same dance floor as the case may be! At Arthur Murray’s nine Boston Area Locations, we specialize in communication when it comes to leading, following and having a great time!

You can start to put these tips into action right away. The first step is simply agreeing on when you can try out ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray for FREE. Contact us now and sign up for your first lesson for new students — 100 percent free.

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