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    In the mood for passion and romance? The steamy Rumba may be your dance. Dancers steal intimate moments on the dance floor together, creating a world all their own. These are reasons why the Rumba is known the world over as “the dance of love.”
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    While some ballroom dance styles tend to be dramatic and deliberate, the Cha Cha is a playful, fun option - perfect for beginners. The music and dance steps are upbeat and allow dancers to kick up their heels and have fun!
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    Swing is quite the party dance, because of its playful, bouncy moves. And, since it’s easy to incorporate a wide variety of dance moves into Swing, this is one dance that promises fun, fun, fun! In fact, we dare you not to smile while Swing dancing.
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    Salsa dancing is both “saucy and flirty” and combines a wide variety of steps from Latin American countries to create a one-of-a-kind, recognizable dance. With quick tempo music and a sprinkle of sass, Salsa is a must-learn dance! for the young at heart.
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    Waltz is an incredibly romantic, classic dance. It is quite easy to learn to Waltz so even beginners can feel immediately comfortable. The Waltz makes for a wonderful first wedding dance, as the romantic and fairytale-like moves wow guests and help to create forever memories.
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    Graceful and elegant, the Foxtrot is easy to learn, allowing beginners to quickly join the fun on the dance floor. However, don’t let the simplicity of this classic dance style fool you; more experienced dancers know just how to take it to the next level with pizzaz.
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    There’s hardly a dance known to man that is more recognizable than the Tango. This dance style exudes both sex appeal and passion. Indeed, the Tango continues to raise eyebrows but never fails to capture the imaginations of all who view this ultimate “couple’s dance.”
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    The Viennese Waltz involves progressive rhythm requiring many turns and rotations. The tempo is fast and requires deep concentration on the part of both dance partners. With Arthur Murray’s teaching methods, you can learn even the most challenging dances.
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    Traditional Bachata is known as Dominican style, but there are Tango and ballroom styles, as well. The modern style of Bachata incorporates elements of Tango, Hip Hop, Reggae, Zouk and Salsa. There is certainly something for everyone in this one exciting dance!
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    Move over John Travolta, there’s a new dance crew in town. The Hustle combines a little bit of swing and a salsa-rhythm and a whole lot of jumping and heel-kicking. And, although you never need a partner at Arthur Murray Dance Studios, the Hustle is an easy group line dance that you can make your very own.
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    Cue the saxophones, guitars and drums, it’s time for the Merengue! While ballroom Merengue is slow and more melodic, club-bound Merengue dancers often begin with a slow Bolero and end with fast jive-like moves on a crowded dance floor.
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    Looking to step up your fitness routine while having the time of your life? It’s time you learned more about the Quickstep. Ultra lively and fast-paced, quick steppers sometimes look like they are running and jumping around the dance floor.

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