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Archive for December 2018

Science Says: Dancing Makes You Happy

Another day, another scientific announcement. This thing is bad for you; that other item is great for you. In some cases, one behavior or product may be associated with both risks and rewards. But there aren’t a whole lot of negatives associated with physical movement. In fact, science shows that dancing makes you happy. Although we…

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Create a Wedding to Remember with an Awesome Bridal Party Dance

If you are planning a traditional wedding (and no one says you have to!) you are likely hoping to get a few special people on the dance floor. Of course, there’s the first dance between the newly married couple. And, there is a father-daughter dance and/or a mother-son dance.If there are other important people you want to…

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Isn’t It Time You Took Care of You?

Think about it. How many times in the past week, past day – heck, past hour! – have you done something for someone else? There’s no shortage of requests, whether at home or work. And, if you are a do-er, you are probably involved in plenty of activities where you say “yes” a bit more…

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