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Isn’t It Time You Took Care of You?

Think about it. How many times in the past week, past day – heck, past hour! – have you done something for someone else? There’s no shortage of requests, whether at home or work. And, if you are a do-er, you are probably involved in plenty of activities where you say “yes” a bit more than you should.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping active – especially when it makes you happy. However, it’s certainly not unusual to forget to take care of ourselves while we are so busy saving the rest of the world.

Hey, think about that oft-mentioned cliche about putting on your own oxygen mask on a plane before helping others. It’s true! If you don’t take care of you, you can’t possibly be your best for anyone or anything else.

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3 ways to take care of you:

Focus on the present and feel gratitude for what you have. Sure, there are things you would like to change if you could. Leave those aside for a few moments and be mindful of where you are at this minute. You are alive. That’s a great place to start.

Decide to be happy. You have a choice. In fact, you have the opportunity to decide again and again and again to take the high or low road when it comes to your own happiness. If someone cuts you off while driving, you can be angry or, perhaps, you can choose to let it go. You can be upset about winter weather or you can notice the wonders of snow. Choosing to be happy has been proven to prevent disease, according to scientific research. And, it’s great for your relationships, too!

Dance! Of course, getting out on the dance floor and shaking your groove thing may help you get in shape and even lose some weight. It helps to reduce depression and increase self-esteem. Choosing to take part in a fun activity like dancing will help you make new friends and kick boredom to the curb.

At Arthur Murray, we specialize in putting the fun in dancing! Our dance instructors are trained to go at your pace and make sure you’re having a ball learning to ballroom dance!

What are you waiting for? Give yourself the gift of dance! Contact Arthur Murray and find out why we say “take a chance and learn to dance!”

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