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Archive for August 2019

Let’s Begin with the Foxtrot

While the professional dance instructors at Arthur Murray teach many different styles of ballroom dance, the Foxtrot is one of the most popular ballroom dances in existence.  In fact, a casual conversation with one of our instructors led to this very blog post.  He said “I absolutely love the Foxtrot.”  Really?? I was fascinated by that, given his expertise…

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Summertime Has You Hot and Bothered? It’s Cool on the Dance Floor!

Hey baby, it’s hot out there! From the Northeast to California, and all states in between, we are all feeling the heat this summer. So how do you beat the sweltering temps? Sure, indoor activities are a welcome escape. But there’s more to hanging on the couch and mindlessly passing the time binging on Netflix.…

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No Dance Partner? No problem!

Most people think that since ballroom dancing is done with a partner, you need to have one to get started. That’s one of the many myths about ballroom dancing we at Arthur Murray are happy to dispel. The fact is, you don’t need a partner to learn Ballroom dancing or to practice.  Believe it or not,…

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