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Archive for January 2019

Dancing Makes Your Heart Happy!

February is American Heart Month. Since cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the US, it’s important to raise awareness of the risks. Know the signs and keep an eye on your loved ones. Heart disease is preventable and being more active is one way to reduce your risk. In fact, researchers in Australia conducted…

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Shoe Tips for the Bride

Choosing the Perfect Dance-Friendly Wedding Shoes Your wedding day is going to be among the most special and memorable of your life. The LAST thing you need to remember are aching feet that prevented you from dancing the night away! Here are some tips to help you find shoes that are beautiful, stylish and comfortable so…

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Shake Up Your Fitness Routine by Shaking Your Booty

When your interest in getting up to go to the gym has gotten up and went (or maybe it has never been there!) it’s time to shake things up and find a way to make exercise fun. There is no question, according to scientists, that leading a sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for disaster for…

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Come One, Come All! It’s time for Arthur Murray’s Annual Teach A Thons!

The Arthur Murray Dance Centers of Boston, Burlington, Cambridge, Manchester and Weymouth will be teaching from noon to midnight on specialty designated dates to support great charities.  Sign up for a lesson between noon and midnight on Jan 25 or 26 at our Arthur Murray location in Boston, Burlington, Manchester, NH, or Weymouth. All proceeds from these events will benefit the Carroll…

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A Magic Pill for Happiness?

So sorry to get your attention and then disappoint you. But you didn’t really think there was a magic pill that could take away all your worries and turn your world into Wonderland, right? Of course not! It’s just wishful thinking. We all want to believe that we can blink and click our proverbial heels…

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