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Shake Up Your Fitness Routine by Shaking Your Booty

When your interest in getting up to go to the gym has gotten up and went (or maybe it has never been there!) it’s time to shake things up and find a way to make exercise fun.

There is no question, according to scientists, that leading a sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for disaster for your well-being. This is especially true as we age when various conditions have a tendency to rear their ugly heads if we aren’t undergoing regular health screenings and staying active.

“I’m super healthy and I’m a couch potato,” said no one ever.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says people should engage in 150 minutes of moderate exercises on a regular basis. If you are not participating in regular physical activity, anything for walking the dog to sports to going to the gym, doctors may describe your lifestyle as “sedentary.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), when it comes to engaging in activity, 60 to 85 percent of worldwide population worldwide doesn’t do enough to have a positive impact on wellness. In fact, lack of physical activity is the 4th leaving risk factor for global morbidity.

But, all is not lost! It’s still January and, technically, the New Year. Plus, it’s never too late to start a healthy hobby.

3 Easy and FUN Ways to Put Pep in Your Step

1. Start a Walking Challenge – with Yourself or a Friend! 

Get a pedometer that will count your step (a Fitbit or the like will do just fine but there are plenty less of less expensive and less fancy options on the market.) Wear it ALL the TIME. Every step counts. Challenge a friend to see who reaches 10,000 steps a day faster. 10,000 steps is equal to about five miles — coincidentally the distance many health professionals say is the ideal goal.

Want to go it alone? Challenge yourself and treat yourself each week you exceed your goals.

2. Have fun with your kids or grandchildren!

We know full well that a child’s work is actually play, right? Get in on their game and it will keep you moving. Play tag, have regular hula hoop contests, plan relay races. You can also take up ice skating, hiking, walks around the neighborhood exploring — all things that would be so much more interesting with young ones. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to participate in activities with others. And what’s more fun than playing with those you love?


At Arthur Murray Dance Centers of the Greater Boston Area, we believe the best way to start moving is to make fitness fun with dancing.

Ballroom or social dancing is a great way to connect with your partner (or meet a new special someone!), work up a sweat, increase flexibility and stamina, build muscles, prevent osteoporosis, get heart healthy by lowering blood pressure and burn calories!

The Dance Floor is Calling You

At Arthur Murray, we teach all types of ballroom dances including Salsa, Foxtrot, Swing and Tango. Hey, why not Cha Cha Cha yourself into a healthy dance routine?

Get started with a free first lesson at Arthur Murray. For well over 100 years, Arthur Murray instructors have been showing people, just like you, how wonderful dancing is for the body, mind and soul. Come dance with us! Contact us now to schedule your free lesson.

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