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Archive for September 2019

Student Spotlight: A Dance Journey Nobody Saw Coming

Student Spotlight

Some people watch Dancing With the Stars. Others see something on Youtube or admire those who can get out there and do it at a wedding. Yet for Joann Becker, her dance journey didn’t start like that. It wasn’t possible. She just wanted some type of physical activity to do for fun, something she never…

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A Dance with a Scandalous Back Story

NOTE: This is a conversation with a less than enthusiastic conversationalist…until secrets are revealed…. So you think you can Waltz?? Sure. Yeah, (YAWN.)  OK, which waltz? Yes, there’s more than one. Oh? Really? More than one waltz? Yes. We mean the Viennese Waltz. Not to be confused with the “waltz,” also known as the “Slow…

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Happy National Dance Day!

There’s a day for everything. National Coffee Day. Polka Dot Day. Chocolate Day and Hot Dog Day. Hug your Mailman Day. Seems every day is a day for something. The one day we at Arthur Murray love the most is….you guessed it…National Dance Day! At Arthur Murray, we’re are celebrating the 10th anniversary of National…

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It’s OK for Adults to Go Back to School, Too!

It seems somehow the days we know as summer passed by faster than a quickstep. However, at Arthur Murray, we love all the seasons. And though we technically have a couple weeks left of summer, we think it’s time to look forward to a magnificent autumn. Why? Fall means it’s back to school, and we…

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4 Ways to Make the October Dance Showcase Your Best One Yet!

As October Showcase draws nearer, it is time to get excited to enjoy one of the highlights of Fall.  Socializing with friends both new and old, enjoying performances of all styles and levels, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone in the name of personal growth are all enjoyable aspects of our fall Showcase.…

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