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4 Ways to Make the October Dance Showcase Your Best One Yet!

As October Showcase draws nearer, it is time to get excited to enjoy one of the highlights of Fall. 

Socializing with friends both new and old, enjoying performances of all styles and levels, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone in the name of personal growth are all enjoyable aspects of our fall Showcase.

The Showcase is a day full of music, food, and of course, dancing, is never a bad thing at any point throughout the year. Yet what can you do differently to make this event unique?

How can it be fun and fruitful, valuable and memorable all at the same time? We have a few tips on how to make October Showcase your most fulfilling event to date, whether it’s your first, tenth, or even 50th!

1). Plan specifically for what you are looking to achieve

Is your goal to see a noticeable difference in your posture? To begin to use your arms? To maintain a strong topline throughout the day? To have clear timing? With whatever you are trying to achieve, make a plan with your teacher(s), write it down, and constantly refer back to it throughout the preparation process so you stay on track

2). Try a new dance or two

It’s always fun to add a new tool to your tool belt. Break away from the ordinary and try something you haven’t done before. Boot Scoot with a little Two Step or chill out with some West Coast. You don’t have to go crazy, but try something new and make this event the debut of something you will hold onto forever.

3). Do something daring

It is Halloween (ish) you know, so do something that frightens you a bit! Do a solo that requires some acting, pick a dance that isn’t your best, or dance more than you ever have before so you wonder how you’ll get through the day! Whatever it is, pick one thing that makes you think twice. You’ll be better off for it and definitely glad you stepped outside your comfort zone!

4). Set a follow up goal

Events are more exciting and fulfilling when they are connected to something bigger.  Choose something beyond the event that you will build into even past the Showcase. Turning a mini routine into a studio spotlight. Taking your dance goal for the event and applying it across all of your dances. Or adding specific material for the next event.  It is certainly a great feeling to finish the day and know how your work from that event will continue to develop in the coming weeks and months!

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