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Archive for February 2018

No Time to Travel? Dancing Will Take You Around the World

Don’t you wish you could be on vacation everyday? Most people would love the time to travel and learn about the world around us. Alas, pesky things like work and school and family get in the way of just packing up and jumping on a jet plane. At Arthur Murray, we have a secret! Ballroom…

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Do you suffer from osteoarthritis? Try Ballroom Dancing!

OA, or osteoarthritis, is a condition that impacts more than 27 million Americans. In fact, it’s the most common form of arthritis in the United States and, ask anyone who suffers from OA, it’s VERY painful. People with osteoarthritis experience wear and tear on their bones; the cartilage tissue (the stuff that protects the end…

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Four Fears that Keep People Off the Dance Floor

When is the last time you willingly signed up to do something you were afraid to do? Exactly. It’s human nature to fear the unknown and to back away from it. When it comes to phobias, some might suggest there are several that people associate with dancing. These include “feeling exposed” in front of others,…

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