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Do you suffer from osteoarthritis? Try Ballroom Dancing!

OA, or osteoarthritis, is a condition that impacts more than 27 million Americans. In fact, it’s the most common form of arthritis in the United States and, ask anyone who suffers from OA, it’s VERY painful.

People with osteoarthritis experience wear and tear on their bones; the cartilage tissue (the stuff that protects the end of bones) wears away slowly over time. The result of the bones rubbing together, unfortunately, is severe pain and loss of motion.

People who have this debilitating condition often think they have no choice but to suffer with the pain. However, there are many activities that can help you find relief and even recapture your life again.  

How about ballroom dancing?

At Arthur Murray, we’ve worked with many students suffering from OA. After each lesson, our dance students say they believe dancing is a great exercise for them.

In addition to a full body workout (and even weight loss!), dancing is a great way to improve muscle tone and joint mobility.  Even if you have OA, dancing with help you strengthen your bones and increase your flexibility.

OK, so you may be thinking about how all that movement will only aggravate your condition. The truth is, when you learn to dance at Arthur Murray, we have you covered. Our patient and experienced dance instructors won’t allow you to do anything that will hurt you. Slow and steady is the key for people suffering from joint pain.

Of course, check with your doctor about the benefits of dancing with your particular condition. However, if they say “Yes,” we say “Come on in!”

Contact Arthur Murray to schedule your first free lesson. You have nothing to lose but the pain of OA!

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