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Archive for October 2018

Stop “Thinking about Dancing” & Just Start Dancing!

When you think about ballroom dancing, do you think “Hey, that’s for someone else?” If you do, you are thinking about it all wrong! Not only is dancing a great workout, it is super for relieving stress, boosting self esteem and meeting new people. There’s no time like the present! Jump into a new activity…

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Give Yourself a Break & Get Motivated! Dance the Blues Away

Do you ever find yourself feeling kind of “blah?” There’s nothing really wrong to speak of but nothing is super exciting either. Of course you do! Everyone does! Some may say that’s the quiet before the storm. Others would say “Shhh…. Do you really need to invite Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame) to the party?”…

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Milk May Do a Body Good but Dancing Does a Body GREAT

Teenage boys and bodybuilders are far from the only people who are focused on building muscle and getting strong. The older we get, the more important it is to build muscle strength and stamina. May no mistake about it: dancing is just what the doctor ordered! (There are tons of benefits people get from dancing!) Posture is…

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Got Dancing on the Brain? If Not, You Should — for the Health of It!

Physical and intellectual activities can have a significant impact on our bodies as we age. That’s a given. A sedentary person may be great with TV trivia but that knowledge, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, may not keep dementia at bay. Albert Einstein College of Medicine researchers confirm…

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