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Milk May Do a Body Good but Dancing Does a Body GREAT

Teenage boys and bodybuilders are far from the only people who are focused on building muscle and getting strong. The older we get, the more important it is to build muscle strength and stamina.

May no mistake about it: dancing is just what the doctor ordered! (There are tons of benefits people get from dancing!)

Posture is controlled by a web of muscles and fibers located around the spinal column. When these muscles are healthy and strong, they are able to contract and expand, allowing you to stand tall, bend, reach, etc. However, when these muscles have poor tone, the opposite is true. In fact weaker muscles throughout your body make it difficult to move painlessly.

If your muscles have to work harder than necessary, it’s understandable that will require more effort, more endurance and more energy. When you see an older person slouching, it’s because standing up straight gets more difficult as we age. We get far more tired when we have to work out our muscles to do simple everyday tasks like standing tall.

Dancing can turn this equation around fast! Getting out on the dance floor, starting slow and easy, new ballroom dancers can build strength and muscle tone quickly and have fun while they are doing it! Dancing strengthens the core, back and stomach and all of those important fibrous muscles around the spinal column.

Further, dancing helps to keep muscles active because good healthy muscles offer more than simply the ability to stand tall. When you strengthen work your muscles, your hips, abs and lower back get a work out, as well.

And, the best news? Improving muscle tone also helps keep you flexible. Who couldn’t use a bit more stamina and flexibility — especially when it helps to relieve all those aches and pains?

Dancing is great for the body and the mind. Give it a whirl! At Arthur Murray, your first dance lesson is absolutely free! Fill out our contact form today and you will be out on the dance floor getting stronger before you know it!

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