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Archive for November 2017

Dancing Improves Brain Function

A new study found regular dance lessons have immense benefits for seniors. Researchers find balance improves tremendously among dancers. Further, the study revealed dancing helps to boost growth in the hippocampus region of the brain. The year-plus-long study followed seniors who participated in weekly adult dance classes. Results were astonishing! Dancers showed improvements in their…

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NBC Boston Features Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Lessons on The Hub

Are you moved by movies like La La Land? Are you tempted by television programs like Dancing with the Stars and World of Dance? Don’t be shy! You can get into the groove of ballroom dancing with the assistance of the patient, experienced instructors at Arthur Murray Boston Area Dance Centers. Arthur Murray Boston was…

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Get in Shape for the Holidays (So You Can Indulge More!)

With Halloween and all those fun-sized candy bars in the rearview mirror, you are home free from overeating, right? Wrong! The holidays are just around the corner. If you want to indulge (and why not?? You deserve it!) then it’s time to consider ways to tone up. What could be better than a FUN workout…

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4 Common Excuses Potential Students Give About Not Dancing

Are you looking to try a new hobby? Are you feeling stuck and want to get a bit more physically active? If so, then consider taking some ballroom dancing classes to get up and get moving! At Arthur Murray, we offer many beginner dance programs. However, we hear it all the time: students are hesitant…

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