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Get in Shape for the Holidays (So You Can Indulge More!)

With Halloween and all those fun-sized candy bars in the rearview mirror, you are home free from overeating, right? Wrong! The holidays are just around the corner. If you want to indulge (and why not?? You deserve it!) then it’s time to consider ways to tone up.

What could be better than a FUN workout with friends? Ballroom dancing is the best of all worlds because it offers an incredible workout that people actually love to do. If you are not a gym rat, then you know the struggle of getting yourself to the gym. Arthur Murray Dance Center clients don’t know about that struggle; they can’t wait to get to the center for their lessons each week.

If you are a fan of Dancing with the Stars, you may be longing for a dancer’s body. Or, perhaps, you just want to feel stronger and less fatigued all day long. Ballroom dancing is the key to flexibility, better balance and a great outlook on life.

Another thing that’s great about ballroom dancing is that everyone can get involved. No matter your size or your athletic ability, the talented and patient teachers at Arthur Murray will have you up on your dancing feet in no time.

Imagine loving exercise? That’s the feeling all our clients have every week. They can’t wait to come and learn new steps and practice with friends. 

Why not give it a chance? Contact us now for a free first dance lesson. We’ll show you what you’ve been missing! Have fun, meet new people and look forward to all those holiday parties guilt-free!

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