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Archive for April 2019

Give the Gift of Dance for Mother’s Day

Want in on a secret? Many moms are tired of getting flowers for Mother’s Day. They may not admit it. They’ll say anything you get them is special. While flowers and balloons and perfume and chocolates may be tried and true, they are boring! At Arthur Murray, we know the thing you want for all…

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4 Things You Can Do to Avoid Annoying Your Ballroom Dance Partner

Ballroom Dancing is a terrific partner’s activity. However, it is important that you don’t annoy the person you convinced to join you on the dance floor.  At Arthur Murray, we are passionate about dance and we want to ensure you and your partner both feel that way, too. This is important because it’s not unusual…

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Feeling a Lack of Confidence? Fake It Till You Make It

We have all hear the saying “Fake it till you make it.” However, this is very hard to do when you want to be true to yourself. Besides, if you are feeling low, finding the confidence to even “fake it” might seem quite difficult. However, when it comes to meeting new people and learning new…

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Create a Wedding to Remember with an Awesome Bridal Party Dance

If you are planning a traditional wedding (and no one says you have to!) you are likely hoping to get a few special people on the dance floor.  Of course, there’s the first dance between the newly married couple. And, there is a father-daughter dance and/or a mother-son dance. If there are other important people you…

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Attention Guys! Have We Got Some New Moves for You!

Is the mere thought of meeting new people–especially women–enough to send you into a panic? If thinking about it makes you uneasy, how can you relax enough to even try? Many guys just like you have discovered that the answer is dancing! Dancing comes naturally for many women, or at least some ladies think they are natural…

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