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Four Fears that Keep People Off the Dance Floor

When is the last time you willingly signed up to do something you were afraid to do? Exactly. It’s human nature to fear the unknown and to back away from it. When it comes to phobias, some might suggest there are several that people associate with dancing. These include “feeling exposed” in front of others, making embarrassing mistakes, not living up to your own expectations or another’s, etc.

When it comes to ballroom dancing, there are oh-so-many excuses people offer for staying away from the dance floor. We have heard them all. And, to be fair, everyone has a right to their fears They are real.

However, when we stop growing, we stop…well…growing. If you aren’t moving forward, which direction are you moving in?

Life it too short to stay afraid — especially when dancing offers so many amazing benefits. You can get in shape and lose weight! You can gain your self-confidence and raise your self-esteem! You can meet new friends and reconnect with loved ones! You can improve heart and brain health!

Need more? IT’S FUN! When is the last time you put aside your fears and did something just for fun?

Consider these fears that keep people off the dance floor and then focus on our solution to getting over these fears.

Fear of Feeling Out of Control. Many people fail to get started with dance lessons because they are afraid they can’t do it. They like to be in control and don’t want to look and feel dumb in front of others. It’s not unusual for people to say this and men are especially prone to be fearful about getting started.

The truth is, you can’t possibly know what you don’t know. And the only way to know for sure is to try

Hate Competition. We aren’t asking you to get involved in competitive dance. We are suggesting a feel-good activity that can help you reconnect with your honey and make new friends. This isn’t about winning trophies. It’s about doing something good for yourself because you deserve it!

Don’t Like Being the Center of Attention. We have news for you. Unless it’s your wedding, no one is looking at you. They are all worried about themselves. Don’t allow fear of the unknown to convince you to sit this one out.

Fear of Disappointing Your Partner. Communication is key, folks! We promise time on the dance floor will bring you closer together. However, you have to agree to share your feelings, and fears, about the process. Work as a team to overcome the fear of failure. The dance floor should be a criticism-free zone. If you work together, you’ll succeed together.

OK, we promised a solution for these fears. Ready?

JUMP IN WITH BOTH FEET! No kidding! That’s our advice. You won’t know the amazing feeling of waltzing around the dance floor until you do it. You won’t be able to imagine how great it will feel to succeed before you try. You can’t possibly consider the new friends you’ll meet until you show up.

So… show up! As we say at Arthur Murray, “take a chance and learn to dance!” All you have to fear is fear itself!

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