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When a Dance Lesson Gift Certificate is the Perfect Choice

While some people dislike gift certificates as presents because they often seem impersonal to both give and receive, others see them as incredibly thoughtful.

An Arthur Murray gift certificate for ballroom dance lessons is a wonderful gift that shows you care in many ways.

Here’s why Arthur Murray gift certificates are the best gift you can give:

  1. One size fits most! Seriously, most everyone can learn to dance — even those with limited mobility. (You never know whether clothing will be the right size or style but dancing is timeless!)
  2. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Many people sit on the sidelines at weddings, parties and even on vacation when others are out on the dance floor swaying to the music. Ballroom lessons teach skills that never go leave a person. It’s like riding a bicycle. The confidence lingers too!
  3. It’s healthy! While social dancing is one of the best ways to exercise (and even lose a few pounds) it’s far more enticing to twirl around with a partner than it is to get someone to jog on a treadmill.
  4. You are giving the gift of FUN! Gift giving is about making others happy. A gift certificate for ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray gets the recipient off the couch, puts them in a position to make new friends, helps them learn something new and increases their self esteem many-fold!

Now those are some awesome reasons to give the gift of dance!

Thank You Arthur Murray for Being Better!

A gift certificate from Arthur Murray has all the benefits and none of the negative features associated with other gift card programs. No blockout dates, no fees, no expiration dates.

What are you waiting for? Get a jump on holiday sales with a gift certificate from Arthur Murray. All the world’s a dance floor! An Arthur Murray gift certificate is a passport to adventure your friends and love ones can take advantage of right in their own backyard!

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