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New to the Greater Boston Area? Tips for Making New Friends

You’ve relocated for a great new job or moved to be closer to family. Whatever the reason, you are in a new town. It’s exciting and there are so many new opportunities!

It can also be daunting and scary. And meeting new people? Making friends as an adult? Cue flashbacks of being the new kid on the block, venturing to the playground for the first time.

Where do you even begin? There are a lot of ways to meet people. First and foremost- get off the couch and out the door. Social media and online groups are a great place to start – but you need to get out and explore in the real world! Attend a meeting, check out an activity, go to an event…just get out there!

You can connect by doing things you enjoy – from cooking to kayaking, reading to rock climbing, volunteering to teaching, there are so many diverse ways to get involved. When you do, you’ll naturally meet like-minded people!

Start by visiting local shops and cafes in your neighborhood and get to know the folks who work there and shop there. Check out the local community bulletin boards and discover what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Let the things you enjoy – your interests, hobbies and passions – be a means to an end!  Making friends will evolve naturally when you have common interests.

Not sure where to begin?

There’s a great way to meet people and have fun doing it – social dancing! It’s also a great way to take yourself less seriously, let your hair down, embrace a new challenge, and fuel your sense of adventure! Plus, dance lessons are a win-win on your health and wellness journey.

But before you turn your nose up, you should know this is not your grandma’s ballroom dancing. Today’s ballroom (or social) dance lessons are a fun, no pressure way to meet people. There are so many dance styles to learn and dancing is also great exercise.

With nine locations in the Greater Boston Region, Arthur Murray Dance Centers offer so much more than lessons. In addition to experienced instructors, you’ll find welcoming communities of enthusiastic, energized people who take fitness and socializing to the fun level! With your dance lesson package, you are also invited to take weekly group dance classes and join the fun at a weekly dance party.

Choose the Arthur Murray Dance Center location near you and schedule your first free lesson. Combine that with the comradery and laughs and you’ll fall in love with dancing! Contact us today for your free lesson and let’s fill up your social calendar.

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