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The Two Things You Need — More Than Anything Else — to Learn to Dance

We know what you are thinking.

“Coordination” is the first thing that just popped into your mind, right? You think you need to be coordinated to follow the steps and keep up with the music.

Oh, then it must be the right shoes. You’ve watched all those shows and you know that there are special shoes you have to wear so you can glide across the ballroom dance floor with ease.

Again, not even close!

The right clothing? Come as you are!

A partner! That’s what it is, right?


All you need are two things that will make all the difference in learning how to dance any ballroom dance you select — waltz, foxtrot, salsa, swing and more.

You need a great attitude and an open mind!

The right mindset is important when it comes to anything and everything we do in life.

  • When you drag yourself to a job you can’t stand, you walk in every day with one thought in your mind: is it quitting time yet?
  • And when you sit down to watch a movie with an actor who rubs you the wrong way, you just know you are going to hate the movie.
  • How about when you get invited to a party where there’s going to be lots of chit chat and finger foods and you would rather sit home with a good book? There’s no way you are going to enjoy yourself at that gathering!

But, with a great attitude and an open mind — anything is possible! Instead of saying “I can’t” say “I will!” Instead of focusing on all the reasons you shouldn’t, make way for “why not?”

At Arthur Murray Dance Centers, we make it easy for you to learn to dance!

First off, we’ve been doing this for well over 100 years. Our patient and experienced dance teachers have “heard it all.” We know you don’t have two left feet, no matter what you say. And, we know that dancing is so much fun that as soon as you get on the dance floor, your hesitance will instantly become excitement.

Second, your first lesson is absolutely FREE. That’s right. All you need to do is contact us to reserve your spot and come on in. Bring that great attitude and the willingness to try something new.

Third, at Arthur Murray, we believe that dance is made to be interpreted by the dancer. This means be yourself and make this your own thing. How much easier can it get?

We promise you’ll love it! And, you’ll see why, at Arthur Murray, we say you’ll walk in and dance out! Contact us today to schedule your first lesson. It’s FREE! And, if you know someone who would love to try out their dancing feet, send them this link so they can request their free first ballroom lesson.

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