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Hate Being the Center of Attention?

It’s not unusual to steer clear of the dance floor at weddings and other social events if you are worried about being watched. The truth is, though, nobody is watching you!

Take a good look at those who are on the dance floor. They are focused on their partner and the fun they are having.

Now, look at the crowd. They aren’t watching either. They are talking and eating and not paying a bit of mind to what’s going on out there.

So, why should you miss out on all the fun because of concerns about what others are doing? This is your life…your chance to make the most of every opportunity. And, the thing about dance is that it offers so many benefits for those who embrace it: exercise, confidence and FUN!

At Arthur Murray, our experienced and patient dance teachers will show you how to dance like nobody’s watching!

Dance lessons are step-by-step at Arthur Murray and we’ve been teaching people all over the world for well over 100 years how to swing, salsa, tango, rumba, waltz and several other types of social dances.

Still a bit nervous? Here are some tips for your first dance lesson at Arthur Murray. (By the way, it’s free! Contact us today to schedule your first complimentary lesson now)

Talk to Your Instructor: Discuss your fears upfront. What is it that has kept your off the dance floor? Are you worried you won’t be able to learn? Do you believe you have two left feet? Believe us, we have heard the same concerns from many people. (No one has two left feet, btw!)

Be aware that your Arthur Murray instructor will begin exactly where you are comfortable. This is about having fun and learning something new! Focus on the positive and you’ll be doing it in no time.

Be Comfortable! Perhaps you watch some of the TV shows where dancers strut their stuff in sequined outfits and painful-looking shoes. While we hope you’ll be “dancing like a star” soon enough, your first lessons are about comfort and fun! Wear clothing that makes you feel good. You need to be able to move freely. Wear comfortable shoes — but make sure they are closed-toe!

Let’s Get Physical! Dancing is great fun but it’s also a great way to get moving and sweat! Make no mistake about it: once you get going you’ll be getting some awesome physical exercise. Don’t worry about your fitness level. Just get out there and move! Embrace these tips and get started today! Don’t allow your fears to hold you back. The first lesson is free and, we promise, so much fun! Contact us today to schedule your complimentary class.

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