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Feeling Romantic? Why You Should Buy Dance Lessons For Your Partner

When was the last time you and your partner let loose together? If you have an occasion coming up, the gift of dance lessons may be just the thing to rev up the magic. (In many cases, according to some longtime Arthur Murray clients) ballroom dancing can help reignite the spark, as well!

While you’re mastering swing or grooving through a rumba, you can let go of the world around you and focus on your relationship in a whole new way. The following are just some of the reasons that the experience of dancing makes the perfect romantic gift.

Scheduled Together Time: Life gets busy. By having a weekly dance class to attend, you and your love can let go of distractions and spend time together. Dance goes beyond your average date night. After your class, you will be even more in the mood to laugh and talk together.

Opportunity for Learning: Taking up a new hobby and learning a skill together can be an incredibly strong bonding experience. You and your partner can feel pride watching each other grow and can guide each other through the tough spots. And the best part? You can show off your skills at the next event you attend.

Fun Exercise: Hitting the gym

gets old. By attending regular dance classes, you can get in shape through dance training. You and your partner will be having so much fun that you will forget its exercise at all.

Plenty of Laughs: Mistakes are inevitable when you are learning something new. If you feel embarrassed, believe us, we’ve all been there. But by dancing with someone else, you can share a laugh with every misstep and stumble. Then you can smile as your mistakes become few and far between.

Stress Relief: One study found that when given the choice, 97% of participants chose a voucher for a tango class rather than one for mindfulness meditation. This is because movement and music provide stress relief to many people. It could be the release that you and your partner need.

While dancing around with your partner, the two of you can reignite closeness and joy — something that can be difficult to cultivate in the throes of a daily routine. The experience of dance may be the perfect gift for your love. Physical objects only last so long, but the memories of your dance classes together can last a lifetime.

Contact Arthur Murray today to schedule your first free dance lesson. There’s a whole new world of fun and excitement just beyond our studio doors. Come find out why we say “Walk In, Dance Out!”

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