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May I Have This Dance…for the Rest of Your Life?

Your wedding day will be a day to remember, that’s for sure! With all the planning and praying, we certainly hope you have the day of your dreams. However, when it’s all said and done, the main thing lovebirds are left with after the wedding is their memories.

A particular memory that many couples want to savour is the moment of their first dance. It’s a moment like no other and will provide for memories you can cherish a lifetime.

But, how can you make the dance extra special if you have never been on a dance floor for more than an awkward sway and circle? (Think back to your prom!) Arthur Murray instructors can help make your first dance something awesome. It will take some lessons, a lot of practice and awesome communication.

But, hey, you got this, right?

The first thing to know is that as much as you want to strive for perfection — and you should! — no one is perfect. Dancing is an art form. It’s never the same twice. That’s part of the beauty of dance; it’s truly an expression of your passion and love.

It’s important that you agree to learn the best you can and promise each other to carry your love — and patience — onto the dance floor. Approach the process with a sense of humour and rely on each other’s strengths to help you learn.

Also, leave criticism and “I told you so” comments at the door. Everyone learns at different rates in different ways. This may be your first test as a couple — give it your all!

At Arthur Murray, we know the first dance should be as unique as the couple. We can help you decide on the right dance moves, the music and any special routine you would like to incorporate to create more fun! We will work with you until you feel comfortable. It’s our job to help you create a couple of magic moments you can treasure forever.

Give it a try! Perhaps one of you really wants to learn to ballroom dance for your wedding night and the other is reticent. Be a team and take a first free lesson. Dancing is a wonderful way to share your special connection. And, if you are lucky, you’ll love it so much that you’ll continue learning to dance at Arthur Murray long after your wedding day has past.

At Arthur Murray, we’ve been teaching engaged couples to dance their first dance for well over 100 years. You owe it to yourselves to learn to dance with the most experienced, most patient dance instructors. Contact us today to schedule your free first lesson.

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