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College Kids Moving Home for the Summer?

Having your kids back from college for summer break is obviously an amazing feeling, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an adjustment. You go from having some free time to feeling like you are stepping back in time to your caregiving role.

When your college student first left, it was likely an adjustment, too. You had to fill the void and hopefully you were able to get closer — perhaps even reconnect? –with your partner. But now, things are a-changing’ again!

Don’t lose ground and allow time with your significant other to get back-burnered. This happens to a lot of parents whose kids are moving back in.

You want to spend time with your kid, but it can’t be at the expense of your relationship. Plus, it’s important to make sure you don’t fall into a couch potato rut.

So, to stay connected (or maybe get connected!) you just have to work at it and not allow your beloved, albeit temporary, houseguest, to get too much in the way.

This is why date night is a good idea to incorporate into your schedules. Every so often make it a point for you and your spouse to spend a whole night to yourselves, no kids, no work and no other responsibilities. Quality time with your significant other can keep you on track and help you feel less overwhelmed with a full house again.

However, the next step can be difficult; picking what to do for date night. Dinner at a nice restaurant is a safe option but if you want this to be a regular thing, just grabbing a bite can get a little old. Going to the theater or watching a movie is nice, too, but there’s not much interaction in a theater. It is similar to TV night, with a price tag!

How about something completely new and different? Think outside of the box… maybe even take a peek at your bucket list. How about ballroom dancing?

Ballroom dancing is an excellent way to get out there and something new and have fun with your significant other. It spices up your date nights while also allowing you to get active and engage with your partner. Performing the moves and learning how to dance helps you communicate with your partner in a way you might never have before. You’re not just eating or sitting down in silence to watch a movie, you’re active, interacting and learning something new — together.

Look, just because you have been together for so long doesn’t mean you can’t try and learn new things. Different experiences will bring you guys closer together than before. 

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