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MORE Reasons Why Ballroom Dance Lessons are Better Than a Gym Membership – Part 2

Last week in this blog, we offered two great reasons why learning how to ballroom dance is so much more fun than being a gym rat! As promised, here are a few more reasons to learn to dance today.

A class is not always a class

“But my gym has lots of classes to choose from.” Sure. While “lots of classes” may be offered, most gyms do not teach Ballroom Dance. At Arthur Murray, our professional dance instructors are elite dancers and receive rigorous training in all forms of dance.  Experience and training matters.

Learn More Today!

Contact one of our nine Boston area locations today to reserve your free first lesson.

“Dancing isn’t really exercise! Besides, how can it be exercise if I love doing it?”

NOT True! Ballroom dancing is a great form of exercise! You don’t have to enroll in boot camp to get the exercise that matters. Ballroom Dancing is both aerobic and anaerobic. It also makes you more flexible, strengthens muscles and builds strength. At any age!

Aerobic exercises include dance moves such as isolating, jumping and stretching. Dance moves such as lunging, balancing and corte are forms of anaerobic exercises. Ballroom dance is a great combination of both, ensuring a complete body workout.

Music Music Music

So many styles of dance and so many different tempos of music for all of them.  Music guides your body’s tempo and with so many styles of dance, the music choices are endless.

It’s time to make your workouts fun and exciting. Why settle for the boring gym when you can fall in love with dancing and look and feel great. Can

See for yourself. Contact one of our nine Boston area locations today to reserve your free first lesson. The dance floor awaits!

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