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Your Days of “Sitting this One Out” are Over!

24_20150823160814_5684735_largeThe word ‘ballroom’ may sound intimidating but, the fact is, many social dances fall under the ballroom umbrella; Salsa, Cha-Cha, Swing, the Hustle - all of these are ballroom dance styles perfect for any dance floor. Arthur Murray Dance Centers here in Boston, MA has adult ballroom dancing classes that will help you put your dance moves on the fast track. Find out more about the Dances We Teach.

Never sit on the sidelines again at a wedding or any other social gathering. When the music starts, it will be your cue to get out on the dance floor and have fun! Just think, you’ll feel comfortable on vacations or a night on the town.

Start dancing at Arthur Murray. Our dance studios around Boston always have ballroom dance classes for adults of any skill level available. No matter where you go, dancing is your passport to fun. 

A Perfect Way to Get in on the Fun!

Many people enjoy popular TV reality shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” and would love to try dancing themselves. Maybe you think it would be too difficult - not true! The Arthur Murray teaching method is designed to make learning to dance a fun and easy process. We start with the basic steps to get you feeling comfortable on the dance floor. As your confidence and comfort level builds, so do the steps. Before you know it you will be owning the dance floor and loving it!

Our students tell us over and over how much fun they have dancing! What are you waiting for? Take the first step and have some fun! Try our adult ballroom dancing classes at one of our many Boston, Massachusetts area locations today!


At Arthur Murray, You Can Start with One and Learn to Dance them All

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It’s never been easier to dance, thanks to the World Recognized Arthur Murray Teaching Method.

We are proud to offer lessons in more than a dozen ballroom dancing styles.

Have a favorite dance you would like to start with? Tell us!

Start slowly and ease your way into the groove.




You can rely on Arthur Murray to choose the dance style
that's most appropriate for you.

Anyone and everyone can learn to dance the Arthur Murray way! Bring a partner, or we’ll provide one for you. No need to be shy. Arthur Murray dance instructors are expert in many styles of dance — each one unique, romantic and energetic. How will you choose just one style? Luckily, you don’t have to choose! We’ll teach you to dance them all. Give social dancing a try and sign up for one of our Boston, MA area ballroom dancing classes whenever you feel like having a great time!

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