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The calendars listed below are for enrolled Arthur Murray students. Please contact the studio to get more information about our curriculum and our combination of private lessons and group classes.

Natick July 2024 Schedule


What Makes the March Showcase “Super?”

By andre | February 19, 2020

Beginning with a bang in March of 2019, our Boston Area Spring Showcase became “Super.” Super-Sized, Super Fun, and most importantly, Super Relevant to any type of dancer at any stage in their dancing!  But…. HOW? What has the March Showcase so darn Super?  I am glad you asked! 1. Arguably the most Super part…

Six Reasons to Put Superama on Your Bucket List

By andre | February 10, 2020

There is something indescribable yet palpable about dancing on that floor. What makes it that way is hard to say. Is it the slew of world-class judges looking on? Is it the sheer grandiose of the ballroom and the hotel? Is it the sheer size of the floor? The lighting that shines the spotlight on…

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