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About the Arthur Murray Dance School in Weymouth MA

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Weymouth Owner Kristen Belcher has been teaching ballroom dance lessons in Weymouth for many years. Her goal is to make you feel at ease as you learn some of today’s most popular Ballroom, Latin and Swing dances.

  • Looking for a new hobby?
  • Want to have fun and meet new people?

Dance is an ancient art form that has existed since the dawn of human culture. Some of our ballroom dances have roots going back hundreds of years too: the bolero is a dance in triple meter that began in Spain in the 18th century, while the waltz developed around the same time in Austria. From its roots in the nobility of 18th century Europe, ballroom dance has evolved into a serious competitive sport. About 30 countries regularly participate in international competitions. And while competitive ballroom dance is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, it is not included in the Olympic Games. But if you aren't ready for competitive dance yet, ballroom dance lessons in Weymouth, MA are a healthy way to de-stress too, and dancing four times a week is a great way to develop full-body conditioning.

There has never been a better time to get started. And, there’s never been a better place to get started than Arthur Murray Dance Center of Weymouth.

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