You’ll Flip for Swing Dancing!

swing dance classes

There are few dances more recognizable than Swing. This lively social dance is famous for its flips, lifts and spins. If you are looking for a dance that keeps you close to your partner while allowing you both to feel and look super cool on the dance floor, Swing may be your thing!




Some basic Swing moves you’ll learn at Arthur Murray:

Although it may not be as passionate as the other dances, it is definitely gaining resurgence because of its fun and playful nature. Plus, you can incorporate a lot of styles to the Swing dance, depending on how you want to look. And as simple as it may seem, the Swing has a certain appeal to those who want to express their talent.  

At Arthur Murray, our patented instructional methods will have you out on the dance floor after only one lesson. That’s why we say: Walk in, Dance Out!

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