Arthur Murray Worcester Dance Center


Learn to Dance & Have Fun at Arthur Murray’s Worcester Dance Center

Many people think about ballroom dancing and immediately imagine graceful duos, holding each other closely, gliding across the dance floor. Certainly ballroom dancing is one of the most romantic activities one can partake in.

However, you may be surprised to know there are many tangible benefits to dancing, as well. Scientists have proven that dancing improves heart health, boosts brain function, assists with fitness and weight loss and dancing is a great mood enhancer. Just try not to smile while dancing!

Boris Brevde, manager of the Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Worcester MA, shares his own 50-year love affair with ballroom dancing with his clients.

“Through dancing, I have met so many people and have had the pleasure to introduce them to the amazing world of dance,” Brevde says. “I love teaching and I know dance offers so many benefits. I truly love to be able to open my clients eyes to the wonderful world of ballroom dancing.”

At Arthur Murray’s Worcester Dance Center, couples and singles come together to socialize in a fun, lively atmosphere. 

At Arthur Murray Worcester, the highly trained instructors make learning to dance fun! Your dance lesson will be a special time for you (and your partner). We personalize your lesson to meet your individual needs.

Our goal at Arthur Murray Worcester is to share our culture of fun with everyone who walks through our doors. Everyone here is a star - no matter how long they have been dancing! If you are looking for a new hobby and a great way to expand your social circle, we can’t wait to meet you! Contact us now to schedule your complimentary first dance lesson.