Arthur Murray Cambridge Dance Center

Leave Your Fears Behind and Learn to Dance at Arthur Murray Cambridge Dance Center

Kia Kenney loves ballroom dancing with every fiber of her being. The only thing she enjoys more is to share her enthusiasm and talent for teaching dance with the students at the Arthur Murray Cambridge Dance Center. Unlike many other Arthur Murray dance center owners, Kenney didn’t grow up a dancer. While comfortable performing on the stage or the basketball court, her social shyness kept her from ever stepping foot on a social dance floor.   

“The thing I love most about the Arthur Murray Cambridge Dance Center is that we welcome absolutely everyone and we are committed to proving to all our students that dancing is something everyone can not only do but learn to love,” Kenney said.

Today, when new students schedule their complimentary first lesson at her Cambridge dance center, she asks them to relax and leave their stress at the door. If only for one evening, she requests they enjoy the music and let the stress of the day along with any nerves fall away. “We want to see people at their happiest and dancing never fails to bring a smile to the faces of our students. They love becoming part of our warm community and feel such a sense of accomplishment  as they progress on their dance journey.”

Of course, Kenney said, many newcomers are non-believers at first. There are so many things holding them back. The truth is, she tells them, most people would love to learn to dance. “No one has ever regretted taking a chance here at Arthur Murray Cambridge,” she added. “Our teaching methods make it quick and easy to learn; everyone who tries it can’t wait to return for their next lesson.”

Being located in the intellectual and artistic mecca of Cambridge, the Arthur Murray Cambridge Dance Center attracts a wide variety of students — singles, couples, experienced dancers and newbies from 20 to 70 years of age! The center also boasts a children’s program that serves as a great extension of the ballroom dancing program offered by Cambridge schools.

Everyone finds new friends and becomes part of this tight-knit community. Kenney’s motto is simple: work hard, produce quality and have fun doing it! All you need to learn to dance is a willingness to try something new! Cambridge’s highly trained, patient dance professionals do the rest.

And, so many people feel right at home at Kenney’s dance center. One couple, Dan and Denise work hard and have four kids in college.For Christmas, Dan had planned to buy Denise a new car. However, when he found out about the Arthur Murray Cambridge Dance Center, he decided to buy her the gift of togetherness. He signed them up for dance lessons and it was the gift that has continued to give for years and in unexpected ways. Denise’s blood pressure is down and the couple loves being together on the dance floor, whether in the studio or at a local event with live music, saying when they are here, they leave the outside world behind and truly enjoy their time together.

Why not get in on the fun? If you are single, no worries - you will learn even faster with your instructor as your partner and will enjoy our classes and parties where everyone dances with everyone!  And couples of every age and preference will enjoy a unique time of shared activity! Contact us today and reserve your complimentary dance lesson at Arthur Murray Cambridge Dance Center. A world of happiness, accomplishment and community awaits!