Ballroom dancing seems to be the new “it” activity and, at Arthur Murray, we’ve known how great ballroom dancing is for well over 100 years!

We also know that it’s not unusual that people have to focus on their routines first. We get up, we go to work, we take care of our responsibilities and we get up the next day to do it all over again.

However, thanks to TV and movies that show the true beauty of ballroom dancing with all its many benefits, people are now imagining themselves floating on the dance floor. We picture ourselves in the arms of our beloved, swaying to the sounds of many dances including the steamy tango, rhythmic rumba, romantic waltz and bouncy swing dances.

Why not give it a try?

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Ballroom Dance Lessons at Arthur Murray Turn Dreams Into Reality

Whether you’ve been together for decades or just a few dates, ballroom dance is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to getting closer to someone you care about (or want to know better!)


Work it on Out!

Want to get in shape, maybe burn some calories and lose a few pounds? Many couples talk about going to the gym together. Life gets in the way too often. Ballroom dance lessons are a promise to each other to meet and start moving. You’ll get your heart beating and your feet moving. You’ll be working out while having a great time!


Get a Little Bit Closer

From your first class forward, you get to show your best self -- and your adorable vulnerable side -- to your partner. You enjoy both a physical closeness during your lesson as well as a mind-meld; dancing is something you have to do together. Lead, follow, repeat. You have to work together to match steps, rhythm and speed.


Lean on Your Partner

Dancers literally, and figuratively, have to lean on each other for balance and emotional support. As you grow as dancers, you can help each other master steps. You’ll laugh and learn together, bringing you closer and strengthening your relationship on and off the dance floor.

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At Arthur Murray, we know there are so many reasons to learn to dance. Strengthening Your Relationship is just one of the great benefits of ballroom dance. 

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