Salsa Dancing is Hot, Hot, Hot! Get in on the Fun!

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It’s hard to look away from salsa dancers as they move around the dance floor having so much fun! Thanks to Dancing with the Stars and other great TV dance shows, Cuban-inspired Salsa dance is the “IT” activity.

Salsa is so easy to learn and, in addition to the fun and excitement, you’ll enjoy a host of health-benefits. Salsa dancing burns calories, improves cardio health and is great for stress relief! Plus, studies show that people who dance regularly are happier and more optimistic about life!

Join us for salsa dance lessons and:
At Arthur Murray Boston, our experienced salsa dance instructors are patient and skilled in the step-by- step patented Arthur Murray Dance Method. You’ll be out on the dance floor before you know it - having the time of your life!

Fast-paced Salsa dance can help you burn calories while improving flexibility and coordination. And, that’s just one of the reasons to contact Arthur Murray Boston today for a free first dance lesson.
No partner required!

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