Welcome to the Murray Minute!

Hi! I’m Morgan and I am the Marketing Director for the Boston area Arthur Murray Dance Studios! I want to welcome you to our very first blog page! I am so excited to share with you how wicked awesome our Boston area Arthur Murray Dance Studios are!

I won’t go into a long biography about myself but I will tell you I have been with Arthur Murray for 2 years now and it is has truly been the most rewarding 2 years of my life thus far. My dancing days are over but my passions have remained pretty similar to our company’s which are dance, people and good wine (maybe just the wine part is my passion). Wine aside, it is my job to share with you our company’s passion of dancing through words, pictures and videos!

If you are visiting our page for the first time, my hope is that our blog will inspire you to try us out and come in to one of our studios for a free dance lesson (you can sign up to the right of this page)! We LOVE people with two left feet… so don’t be shy! If you are a current AMDS student, I hope this blog can make you laugh a little, offer you some dancespiration and advise, and maybe even land you a spot right here as our Arthur Murray Student of the Month!

However this blog may enthuse you, my hope is that you feel all of the passion that our 50 plus Boston area Arthur Murray instructors have for dance and changing people’s lives through dance!

Now let’s get dancing…oops, I mean blogging!