Too Shy & Nervous for a First Dance? Conquer Your Fears & Create Memories

The “First Wedding Dance” is a thing; make no mistake about it. People spend time thinking about how they will be introduced and enter the reception, how they will be called to the dance floor and, of course, what will be “their song.”

However, if you are feeling more than nervous about having to get up in front of people to dance your first dance, here are some ways to ease the jitters.

Take Some Dance Lessons

If you are feeling anxious about dancing it may likely be because neither of you have ever done more than the stand and sway (popular at high school proms!) While there is nothing wrong with this method, you can do better! Arthur Murray Dance Centers will help!

If you take some lessons, you can learn some steps and feel more confident about yourselves. Most of all, you will have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about because people will be amazed by your skills!

Besides, learning to dance serves a double purpose. Wedding planning can be stressful. Use wedding lessons to get away from the stress and focus on each other!

Invite Others to Join You on the Dance Floor

You can have your cake and eat it too by being introduced, starting to move to your song and quickly having the DJ invite others to join you. You have your “memory in the making” and you won’t be the center of attention for more than a few moments.

Choose a Fast Number, Not a Ballad

Who says your first dance must be a slow dance? Do something fun! Your first dance can be a line dance that beckons others to the floor! Or, the two of you can just rock out and strut your stuff. Plan a wedding party dance that becomes part of the show and takes the spotlight off the two of you! Deciding not to do a romantic dance can create memories that last a lifetime -- for your entire party!

At Arthur Murray, we can help you create a first dance you can be comfortable with and remember forever. We can help you choose the music and figure out what the two of you can handle that won’t put the anxiety meter on overload.

Remember, shy is a state of mind. Your wedding is your day to shine! How much attention you get is completely up to you!!

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