The Arthur Murray Dance Instructor


I want to kick this blog off by talking about the backbone of our company. Some would say “but Morgan, the students are the backbone of our company!” Sorry, but I object! (I used to be a paralegal and always wanted to say that!) Though our students are so important to us and they are the reason we wake up and do this every day, it is truly our instructors who hold up the foundation of the Boston area Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

And, here’s why…

  1. They are not just dance instructors, they are dance therapists. People from all walks of life come into our studios hoping that dance can change their lives in one way or another. Our instructors have helped rekindle marriages, while some have watched marriages happen! They have helped people cope with the loss of a family member or a really bad breakup. My personal favorite, they have been a number one fan for those students who dream of being on Dancing with the Stars one day. It does not matter how elaborate a students needs are or how wild their dance dreams are because no matter what, the Arthur Murray instructor will stand beside that student all of the way. Our instructors do more than just teach the steps, they change people’s lives.
  2. They are determined to make each 45 minute lesson better than the last one. Our instructors are trained from the bottom to the top on the “Arthur Murray Teaching Method” and how to personalize each program for each individual student or couple. It’s not just “let’s get out there and dance today!” Each lesson is strategically planned out before hand to tailor to the needs and growth of each student. It is the instructors job to make sure you are leaving the lesson with more information than what you started the dance lesson with! On the flip side, it is the students job to practice and review so that the instructor does not spend the whole lesson reviewing but rather giving you additional curriculum to help you reach your dance goals!
  3. They have what it takes to be your instructor, despite how they got here. Whether they were a yoga instructor or math teacher in their past life, you better believe we have handpicked some of the best instructors for you. With vigorous training from world champion master coaches, to some of the best Arthur Murray counselors and managers, your instructor is trained, tested and certified to teach you from the box step to the telemark. If you don’t know what the “telemark” is, have no fear as your Arthur Murray instructor will get you there! They are simply the best at teaching you how to dance no matter where they came from.
  4. They work as a TEAM. You won’t get that in an independent studio people! Trust me, I have been there, done that!* Our company believes in “team teaching” and our instructors do too. Michael Jordan said it best, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Arthur Murray Dance Studios have been industry champs for over 100 years because our instructors work as a team. We support each other and inspire one another to be better for ourselves and for our students.

Now that you know a little about who our Arthur Murray instructors are, you can see why we consider them our backbone. If we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t have such incredible students like yourselves! Give your instructor a high-five next time you are in for your dance lesson! If you are not taking dance lessons with us and could use a “number one fan” in your life, sign up for your free sample dance lesson to the right to get started!

*Please note that Morgan has nothing against independent studios.