Stop "Sitting this Dance Out"

sicktositSo you’ve received another invitation to another wedding. 

As you look at the RSVP card, you are reminded of all of the recent social occasions when you literally “sat it out.” Hanging at your table or at the bar while everyone else was having a blast on the dance floor. 

For some, the mere thought of dancing makes them cringe. The number one reason why? 

Not actually knowing how to dance! 

Sure you may say it’s self-consciousness, feeling awkward, worried others will stare at you. While that may be true, the reason for all of those “excuses” is the same. It all comes down to this: You don’t feel comfortable on the dance floor

When you stop to consider that invitation an opportunity, you may actually get excited to attend. 

An opportunity?  YES! You have been offered the opportunity to learn how to dance. If you look at that invitation in a new way, you’ll see it a chance to finally get out on the dance floor, join the fun, and have a great time!

At Arthur Murray, we’re passionate about learning to dance. Recently, a psychologist shed some light on why some people don’t share that passion. 

When people say they want to dance but feel they can’t, they say it’s because they feel too clumsy, awkward, unskilled or they don’t have a partner. There are always many 'reasons.' Perhaps there is a need to reframe social dance as a fun and natural activity where there are no hidden agendas and no opportunities to get it wrong."  

We share that philosophy at Arthur Murray. No hidden agendas. No getting it wrong. Period.

So much of what keeps us from even trying something new are the stories we tell ourselves and an inner need to be perfect. When you know what you are doing, no matter the activity, it’s easier to overcome what may be holding you back. No pressure. No need to know what you don’t know before you know it.

So how do we stop telling those stories and overcome those fears? Whether it’s learning a new language, learning to ride a bike or to swim, or ballroom dancing, learn from those that are in the know. 

Take lessons.

Learning to dance, and learning the right way, is all about preparation. You don’t know when your friends are getting married, but you do know that when you are prepared, you can RSVP with enthusiasm instead of dread.  

You may not know what type of music will be played, but by learning a variety of basic dances, you’ll know you can dance to everything. With so many styles of dance to choose from, getting started is easy and you’ll never get bored. Before you even realize it, you’ll be that dancer, the sophisticated, fun, hip, and happening guest that keeps the party going. 

We invite you to contact one of our nine Boston Area Arthur Murray Dance studios today and schedule your first FREE lesson.