Mini Comp 2015 - a Student's Experience!

Over the past weekend, nearly 200 Arthur Murray students from 9 Boston area studios jam packed a ballroom of the Sheraton Framingham for an electrifying day of dancing, socializing, and team bonding. As much as I would love to sit here and tell you about all the fun we had, I am going to let two of our Boston area students share with you their personal experience instead!

Karen K. from the Manchester studio is no stranger to Mini Comp! Here is what she had to say about her 14th Mini Comp experience!

We’ve been going to Mini Comps for years. This year was a blast! We had 11 new students attend for the first time. Their enthusiasm was energizing. Our new students won The Spirit Award for Manchester! When the day was long and we were tired they cheered us on. Manchester newbies “ROCK”! Over the last few years The Spirit Award has become a goal. A fun way to keep the energy up during the day. 


Mini Comp is also a great gage to see how you are progressing. You work hard to get there and your confidence level improves. I think after you do a Showcase, Mini Comp is a lot easier is some ways because you aren’t the only one on the floor. My husband and I were the calmest we have ever been. Our instructor, Ron, worked really hard with us. We smiled this time (that’s huge)!

Krista K. and her husband from the Newton studio had never been to a Mini Comp before. They were thrilled at the opportunity to tell us about their very first experience!

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Mini Comp. My husband and I have attended two Showcases since we began dancing lessons at Arthur Murray, but this was our first Mini Comp.

I enjoyed the photo booth idea, and the table decorations as well as the individual folders with each dancer’s list of numbers. Having that information in one place was helpful. The little baskets of snacks were also very thoughtful at each table. The guys I’m sure enjoyed all the Pats references!


I’m a vegetarian, so it was wonderful to have food options that I could enjoy. Since I injured my back severely days before today’s comp, my husband was able to dance with one of the other instructors. It gave me a chance to observe the other couples.

I learned a very powerful insight for my tango styling…my arm and head movements need to be more staccato so to speak. Watching some of the professionals from other studios helped me understand this.

Not too often do we get to share our student’s experiences so I want to thank Karen, Krista and some of our other students for sharing their feedback with us! If you want to see more from our 2015 Mini Comp, check out our photos by clicking on the link below!