Don't Be That Guy!


Ladies, what is the deal with some men being so anti-dance nowadays?! What happened to the time when it was socially cool and masculine for men to bust out some moves on the dance floor like Mick Jagger? Today, we get the typical guy who fearfully laughs and looks like a dear in headlights when he hears the D word. Yes, dancing. It’s honestly like pulling teeth to get him on the dance floor with you! To clear some things up and hopefully get your man into a dance class and onto the social dance floor with you, I called in a special reinforcement to help us out!


Meet Christopher Santapaola, an Arthur Murray dance instructor at the downtown Boston studio. He’s the manliest man you will ever meet yet, he has been in the dancing business for over 6 years. Drawing from hobbies such as lacrosse and football, he found that dancing added another element to his life. Dancing to him is a challenge (and we all know how men love a challenge). A lot of the characteristics he had to display in football, also share those of dancing. Not only does he enjoy impressing the ladies with his moves, he enjoys the progress of accomplishing something.

So ladies, listen up! I urge you to print this, share this, tweet this, email this, Morse code this, or just tuck it in your man’s briefcase for his morning bus ride reading pleasure! Here are the reasons why real men dance, told by a real man himself!


  1. “So we don’t look like an idiot during social events.”

    Nobody wants to be sitting in their chair or at the bar at an event when a Frank Sinatra classic comes on. Knowing how to dance shows we know how to command attention. Whether we aim to impress a father-in-law, boss, or just our buddies, nothing is more powerful than being able to take the lead. Dancing says a lot about a man’s character and personality with how he performs on the dance floor. You don’t need to be a John Travolta but, learning the basic steps and how to maneuver on a busy dance floor will have you looking like “the man” rather than the bum at the bar.

  2. “Dancing can be a fun date night.”

    Going out for the beer and bite every weekend can become more of a routine than you would like. If you feel it, you know your woman does too. Surprise her. Tell her to put on a dress and take her out for some drinks and dancing. If you fear the dance floor and haven’t mastered the steps quite yet, schedule a one-on-one dance lesson at your local Arthur Murray after some drinks to end the date night just right!

  3. “We can be in control.”

    The biggest upside to dancing that men don’t realize is that for once in our life, we are actually in control! Let me repeat that…we are in control! We get 45 minutes during a dance lesson to take the lead, be in charge, and basically feel like God. Which is a heck of a lot longer than we’re use to! But hey, we’re working on it! Tell your girlfriend that if you commit to dance lessons, she has to let you be in control. She may fight you on it, but all is fair in love and war. Plus, you never know if it may just make your relationship even stronger!

  4. “We can stay physically active without the gym.”

    For the guys who just despise the lunks at the gym, dancing can offer an alternative. Between 45 minute lessons , group classes, practice parties, and the dancing date nights, the stamina and activity of dancing consists of just as much as a workout as your run on the treadmill. It is also just as good mentally. Remembering the steps, groupings, and how to maneuver on the floor challenges your mind. Just that alone, would make anyone break a mental sweat! Challenge each other as a couple. Set out to use dancing as a way to lose weight together or blow off steam after work instead of at the bar.

There you have it, ladies! Four legitimate reasons why any man can and should learn to dance! No, they can’t all rock Usher’s moves, but they can at least learn to rock the box step with you!