Arthur Murray Dedham Dance Center

Come Arthur Murray Dedham Dance Center

Welcome to one of Arthur Murray’s newest dance centers. Arthur Murray Dedham Dance Center, formerly located in Newton, Mass., features the same amazing team of instructors in a convenient and beautiful new location.

Boris Brevde, owner of the new Arthur Murray Dedham Dance Center, shares his own 50-year love affair with ballroom dancing with his clients.

“Through dancing, I have met so many people and have had the pleasure to introduce them to the amazing world of dance,” Brevde says. “I love teaching and I know dance offers so many benefits; I truly love to be able to open my clients eyes to the wonderful world of ballroom dancing.”

The truth is, many people would love to get involved in ballroom dancing, but are hesitant to try. Some are shy and many people believe they are far too busy to squeeze in another activity. This is especially true for men, Brevde says. “Men tend to be more critical of trying to dance. But that’s the key...once people take the first step, it becomes a part of their lives. They meet new friends and enjoy being part of our wonderful community.”

Brevde tells a story about one couple who found themselves on the dance floor.

Bill and Julia were in a rut and they were looking for a new activity. Evenings on the couch had become the norm and they were looking for a fun activity  for “date night.”

When Julia suggested ballroom dancing lessons, Bill’s reply was a hard no; he was worried about feeling and looking foolish. It took some convincing but Bill finally agreed to accompany his wife for a complimentary dance lesson at Arthur Murray.

Now, five years later, Bill and Julia cherish their time in the dance studio. They love to welcome new students into the fun, community-like atmosphere. And perhaps most importantly, Bill and Julia have rekindled their love for each other on the dance floor.

While their story is touching and lovely, it’s only one of many stories of how dancing heals and creates happiness for so many people. “Dancing is truly a gift that my team and I are grateful to be able to share with our students,” he said, “ The benefits far outweigh the excuses that keep some people away.”

Take advantage of Arthur Murray Dedham Dance Center’s new student offer. Contact us today to reserve your complimentary dance lesson with one of our highly trained, patient dance instructors. Give us one hour of your time and we’ll introduce you to a whole new world of friends, fitness and fun!