Arthur Murray Burlington Dance Center

Dream Big, Live Joyfully...Dance with us at Arthur Murray Burlington!

When it comes to social dancing, there are no “rights and wrongs,” there is only beautiful music, a welcoming community and happiness! You will instantly feel right at home at Arthur Murray Burlington, as learning to dance with us will be as comfortable as learning in your own living room. There is never a lack of excitement or encouragement in this place, which makes learning to ballroom dance more than just learning a new skill but a life changing experience.

Our expertly trained instructors at Arthur Murray Burlington are committed to creating a warm, inclusive dancing atmosphere that is free from judgement and packed with fun. Whether you’ve danced in the past, or this is a brand new adventure, you will not regret taking the first step with us! We offer a complimentary first lesson so that you can experience what Arthur Murray Burlington has to offer and your instructor can find out why learning to dance is important to you.

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, you want to meet new people or get a great workout without the monotony of going to the gym we personalize your lessons to make your dancing dream a reality. There’s one thing everyone who visits our studio has in common; once they get a taste of ballroom dancing, they are hooked.

Dancing is also a wonderful way to increase your self-esteem and confidence; it also increases stamina, flexibility and balance. Did you know that scientists have linked dancing to happiness? It’s true! Dancing increases production of the body’s natural “happiness hormones.” In addition to pain relief and a surge in good feelings, dancing allows us to connect with others, enhancing friendships and relationships. The benefits you’ll receive are truly priceless.

Linda is a perfect example of how dance can change your life. Forty years ago, Linda was a young student of 16. She was extremely shy and and often felt like she didn’t fit in. Her grandmother bought her some dance lessons at Arthur Murray and she came out of her shell almost immediately. In fact, two years later, she became a certified Arthur Murray dance instructor.

“I had never felt comfortable in my own body and then I discovered dancing. There was something about it that felt instantly comforting. It was where I belonged. I had been searching for something and I had no idea what it was,” Linda said. “Now, when people tell me they are looking for something new but they aren’t sure what it is, I tell them to take dance lessons. Whatever it is, you can find it on the dance floor.”

Isn’t it time you joined in on the fun? We encourage you to schedule your first complimentary dance lesson at Arthur Murray Burlington and become part of our dance family! Put aside your excuses and bring a great attitude and comfortable shoes. We’ll do the rest!